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Younger Dryas Impact


Concept Art


Historical Fantasy, Concept Art


This project Is a series of 3 artworks based on the Younger Dryas impact theory:

During the end of the last ice age, There was colossal flooding in north America which reshaped most of the continent. Many cultures globally have recorded in myths, an enormous cataclysm the likes of which all our ancestors saw the utmost importance to remember.

There is a leading theory that one or several large comet impacts occurred 12800 years ago which ended the last ice age and melted the great ice sheets like the one I have painted here. This caused flooding on a scale unthinkable by today's standards. I attempt to turn this theory into a series of digital paintings in hopes that it brings more interest and helps visualise this event which happened fairly recently considering the age of the earth.

If you're still reading this, thanks a lot! This piece is a depiction of the Laurentide ice sheet which covered most of North America and Canada 13000 years ago.



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