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Bifrost Skydock


3D Fantasy Art


High Fantasy, 3D Art, Concept Art


I was walking my dogs one evening and the idea hit me, "How about a race of spacefaring Vikings?" so I set to work...

The Bifrost Skydock sits atop the mountain which it is named after, tall enough to reach the outer layer of an extraplanetary Dustlane which clings to the mid-stratosphere. The Jotun constructed this gargantuan tower over the course of several centuries to serve as a dock for their skyships.

I modelled and textured the initial landscape in Blender then overpainted some of my favourite scenes.

An alternate angle of the Bifrost Skydock shows more of the structure. With this one, I wanted to convey the scale and altitude of the structure while also showing its intended purpose as a skyship dock.



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